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List of the Modules and What they Effect

Individual .fw.sig files can be thought of as individual sections or modules within the entire firmware. The naming convention is as follows:


How to use the list

  • The 1st value in the file name is the Model.
  • The 2nd value is what the module effects.

The following files are all related to “Camera Upgrade” for the respective model because the second number value 0100 is the Module number.

  • wm330_0100_v01.19.52.66_20160623.fw.sig


Model numbers

wm100 Spark
wm160 Mini
wm220 Mavic
wm220_gl Goggles
GL200A GL200A (Mavic Controller)
wm330 P4
wm331 P4P
wm620 Inspire2

Module Numbers

ModuleModule Function
0100 P4P, P4, i2, Mavic Camera Upgrade
0101 P4, Mavic Camera Loader Upgrade
0104 P4P Lens_Controller Upgrade
0305 P4, i2 FlyCtrl_Loader, Spark, Mavic FC Loader Upgrade
0306 P4P, P4, i2 FlyCtrl, Spark, Mavic FC APP Upgrade
0400 P4P, P4, Spark, Mavic Gimbal Upgrade
0401 P4P, P4 Gimbal 5223#1, i2 Gimbal_ESC Upgrade
0402 P4P, P4 Gimbal 5223 #2, i2 SSD_Controller Upgrade
0404 FPV_Gimbal Upgrade
0500 i2 CenterBoard Upgrade
0501 i2 Gear_Controller Upgrade
0600 GLB200A MCU_051_gnd Upgrade (not encrypted)
0601 Goggles MCU_031_gls Upgrade
0603 Goggles MCU_051_gls Upgrade
0801 Android recovery ROM?
0802 Modvidius ma2155 VPU firmware, “DJI_IMX377” (CMOS image sensor) firmware, Veri Silicon Hantaro Video IP encoder/decoder ?
0804 “System Initialized” ?
0805 (calibration for VPS?)
0900 P4 OFDM, P4P, i2 LightBridge Upgrade
0905 NFZ Database (nfz.db and bfz.sig)
0907 Mavic modem/arm/dsp/gnd/uav “upgrade file” (unencrypted)
1100 i2 Battery_0, P4, Spark, Mavic Battery Upgrade
1101 i2 Battery_1 Upgrade
1200 P4, i2, Spark, Mavic ESC0 Upgrade
1201 P4, i2, spark, Mavic ESC1 Upgrade
1202 P4, i2, Spark, Mavic ESC2 Upgrade
1203 P4, i2, Spark, Mavic ESC3 Upgrade
1407 GLB200A modem/arm/dsp/gnd/uav “upgrade file” (unencrypted)
2801 Mavic modem/arm/dsp/gnd/uav “upgrade file” (unencrypted)
2807 Mavic modem/arm/dsp/gnd/uav “upgrade file” (unencrypted)
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