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Check out the awesome summaries by QUAD808 Here and by StevenLawyer Here

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Check out the RCGroups thread Here BE SURE TO USE THE SEARCH FEATURE AND READ BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION! If you just show up and ask a question because you are too lazy to READ and SEARCH first, you will likely be IGNORED!

Looking for a video on how to mod your firmware or app?:

Check out the awesome videos made by digdate0 Here

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NoLimitDrones No Limit Drones Here

Drone-Hacks Drone-Hacks Here

DJI Go Versions:

Have a question about what DJI Go4 version does what or is modifiable? Go Here

Firmware Versions:

Looking for firmware or have a question about the firmware rev history? Use DankDroneDownloader available here

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Have a question about how to easily bypass DJIs No Fly Zone Restrictions:

Ok, lots has changed on this recently. There have been a few OGs (and honorary OGs ;) ) working on this behind the scenes lately. NFZ can completely be removed on ANY FW now and this info is being released to the public! It goes without saying but here it is; DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID IF YOU PROCEED WITH NFZ UNLOCKING! All info is located on THIS page. Scroll to the bottom and look for “NFZ Removal Tutorial” for the meat and potatoes.

You will not find a detailed how-to for NFZ bypassing here. It can be done but you will have to do the work yourself. DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID IF YOU PROCEED WITH NFZ UNLOCKING! If you get in trouble for flying somewhere that it dangerous or prohibited by law, suck it up and pay the fine or do the time! To learn how to do this you need to review QUAD808's overview here and the Module Mixing tutorial available here if you want to have NFZ mods on later firmware versions. Also see StevenLawyer's Rooting Mavic Pro in Latest Firmware with Force FCC and Boost and No NFZ.

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