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To aid in ID of DJI hardware, it may be useful to have a known good list of valid model numbers, this is that.

NameModel DesignatorRemoteOtherImage
A3 Flight ControllerA2N/A????Image
AGRAS MG-1P????????N/AImage
AGRAS MG-1SAG405????N/AImage
Crystalsky 5.5"N/AN/ACS550Image
Crystalsky 7.85"N/AN/ACS785Image
Crystalsky 7.85" UltraN/AN/ACS785UImage
Goggles RacingN/AN/AGL811Image
Goggles StandardN/AN/AP1GSImage
DJI Ocusync Air SystemN/AN/AOAS1{{:faq:dji-air.jpg?400|Image}}
FPV System - Air UnitN/AWM150RC150Image
FPV System - GogglesN/AN/AGL150Image
Inspire 1 ProWM610????N/AImage
Inspire 2WM620????N/AImage
Matrice 100M100????N/AImage
Matrice 200M200????N/AImage
Matrice 600 ProM600????N/AImage
Mavic AirWM230RC230N/AImage
Mavic Air 2WM231???N/AImage
Mavic MiniWM160RC160N/AImage
Mavic Pro (Platinum & Alpine)WM220RC220N/AImage
Mavic Pro 2 EnterpriseWM245RC240N/AImage
Mavic Pro 2 Enterprise DualWM246RC240N/AImage
Mavic Pro 2WM240RC240L1PImage
Mavic Pro 2 ZoomWM240RC240N/AImage
N3 Flight ControllerN/AN/ADLG30AImage
Phantom 3 4KWM325????N/AImage
Phantom 3 AdvancedWM322????N/AImage
Phantom 3 ProfessionalWM323????N/AImage
Phantom 3 StandardWM321????N/AImage
Phantom 4 AdvancedWM332????N/AImage
Phantom 4 Pro 2.0WM335N/AN/AImage
Phantom 4 ProWM331N/AN/AImage
Phantom 4 RTKWM334N/AN/AImage
Phantom 4 RTK China VersionWM334N/AN/AImage
Phantom 4 StandardWM330N/AN/AImage
Smart ControllerN/ARM500N/AImage
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