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APK Deconstruction - How to take apart the APK file

<doc incomplete, needs work still ran outa time for now 7/22 @ 351pm digdat0>

This page will show how to take apart the Android APK file and convert the files into readable java format.

Step 1 - Download some files

Download the APK

Download one of these files:

Download a tool to extract the APK

Download dex2jar from

Download a tool to convert files to Java .class files

Download jd-gui from this repo:

Unzip both the dex2jar and the jd-gui apps

Step 2 - Extract the APK

After unzipping the dex2jar file, you need to change to a command prompt (windows) or terminal (mac/'nix).

From the command line, the command is as follows:

d2j-dex2jar.bat -f \path\file.apk

Once this is done, a new JAR file will be created in the same folder. You can now convert that file to extract the .classes from it (the Java content)

Step 3 - Convert the files

Open the jd-gui app

Step 4 - Research the Java classes files

After saving the files, you can then review them in your favorite text editor like notepad++

More Info

The next step from here is making your own custom DJI GO app of course! Bin4ry has done an excellent job with the apk modding tool, find more info on it here:

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