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How to install the Patched DJI GO4 App on iPad or iPhone

This relates to the patched IOS IPA currently being worked on within the Slack Group, originally produced by “Daniil Zobov”, and now been further tweaked by the O.G and others (Many thanks to all involved)

This is more of a “Walkthrough” after the frustrations I had getting the application installed on my iPad Mini 4, which I had inadvertantly allowed Apple to update to IOS 11.4, which meant I was unable to use the recent jailbreak “Electra”.

I was therefore left with 2 options:

  • Getting the application signed
  • Sideloading the application

Sideloading was the weapon of choice, and nearly everyone advised to use “CydiaImpactor”, which I duly tried and failed on a dozen or more occassions. The Impactor tool just continually failed with all sorts of messages. Frustrated further that there is a bug in the latest release 0.0.44 that fails to revoke certificates, you need to drop back to 0.9.43 to achieve this.

In my search, I came across an application “SuperImpactor” Plenty of features and similar to CydiaImpactor. This proved to be the magic tool for me, and enabled me to not only revoke any failed certificates, but also to fully install the patched DJI GO 4 for IOS, successfully and without issue. Note: SuperImpactor is a “PC” Application

The following is the process I followed to achieve these positive results, I started by generating myself another Apple ID just for the purposes of running this application, but not totally necessary.

Within the Apple ID Security section, I also generated a “Application-Specific Password” for the installs:

Install Process

Note: Please ensure that your .NET version is the latest release. If not update before starting SuperImpactor

  • Download and install “SuperImpactor
  • Connect Ipad/iphone
  • Select “TOOLS
  • Into “Account Manager” and remove any previous entries
  • Into “Revoke Certificate” enter username and password, select LOAD ACCOUNT and remove the displayed cert(s).

Rebooted iPad

  • Into SuperImpactor
  • Into DEVICE
  • Select “Install from IPA” - Navigate to the patched GO file & Select - Follow prompts from the install Pop-up

The pop-up is just Apple ID & password (if you generated Application-Specific password, then use that)

Install took about 6mins, at one stage I thought it had locked up, but it was just sigining the application.

Once Installed

Onto iPad - GENERAL - DEVICE MANAGEMENT Select the Developer App and select TRUST. (Dev app should be your Apple ID)


Open iTunes - select “FILE SHARING” and select the installed GO Application Switch to the file manager on the right and select “ADD FILE”, navigate to the “Tweak.js” file and copy to the ipad/iphone.

NOTE: There is also a file “FridaGadget.config” that I copied over, although I do need to verify if this is required.

Then just run the application and check that all is ok. You can confirm that the application has picked up the options from “Tweak.js”, by the fact that you will be presented with various options to enable/disable, e.g:

  • Disable FW update check
  • Force FCC
  • Force Boost
  • Force 2.3G
  • Force 2.5G
  • Enable 32Ch
  • Etc

Going forward, you should not need to install a new patched version of the GO 4 application, all you will need is to update “Tweak.js” as and when its updated with further tweaks.

The above is the route I had to take as I was unable to Jailbreak my iPad, it worked for me, and I see no reason why it shouldn't work for you.

Links to relevant applications


Other Options to SuperImpactor that may be preferred: and


IOS GO 4 Patched Application:

Final word is to say a big thanks to everyone who is working on this IOS application, I know people have been waiting in the wings for something like this, for a long time. The guys who brought this to the table have worked their magic and I am sure we are all in their debt.

Please remember these guys do all this work free and without ever asking for anything, we can support them by donating to them, whether it be Bitcoins, Paypal, Beer Tokens or whatever, so please donate where you see donation options. Every little helps.

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