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CIA Jeep Doors

Kudos to Bin4ry

CIA Jeep Doors - DJI DroneID adjustment tool v1.2 This software is based on the work of the DJI OG's it is free software and should never be sold

Usage: [-h] (–port PORT | –bulk) [-p PRIVACY] [-d DRONEID] [-f FLIGHTPURPOSE] [–disable] [–enable]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --port PORT           the serial port to write to and read from
  --bulk                use usb bulk instead of serial connection
  -p PRIVACY, --privacy PRIVACY
                        provide privacy flags
                        .......x  Show/Hide serial number
                        ......x.  Show/Hide state like position, roll, yaw, imu data, ...
                        .....x..  Show/Hide ReturnToHome position
                        ....x...  Show/Hide droneID
                        ...x....  Show/Hide flight purpose
                        ..x.....  Show/Hide UUID
                        .x......  Show/Hide Pilot Position
                        x.......  Show/Hide Unknown

                        00000000 Will disable all broadcasts
                        11111111 Will enable all broadcasts

  -d DRONEID, --droneid DRONEID
                        provide the droneID
                        provide the flight purpose
  --disable             disable droneid
  --enable              enable droneid

How to use (Windows):

  • Help: python -h
  • USB Bulk connection: python –bulk
  • Check status: python –port COM3
  • Enable DroneID: python –port COM3 –enable
  • Disable DroneID: python –port COM3 –disable

Where COM3 = your DJI Device COM port.

Note: Some newer aircraft need to use –bulk and not COM port.

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