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DJI Aircraft Unlock Procedure

If you have a Mavic with mixed modules, or a Spark running <.600 firmware, your aircraft may become locked and require a firmware update. If this happens, you can unlock it using the DUMLDORE tool.

WARNING: These changes are not endorsed by the manufacturer. If you decide to unlock, you may be re-locked.

Step by step

  1. Download and extract Dumldore
  2. Connect aircraft to the Computer
  3. Open DJI assistant 2
  4. Load the aircraft
  5. Open Dumldore
  6. Close DJI Assistant
  7. Press the UNLOCK button
    • You should see a successful unlock message
  8. Power off/on the Mavic, test in DJI Go

The aircraft is now unlocked.

NOTE: If you used the mix-and-match method to update your aircraft and its locked, it may be due to the missing 905 module. Re-install the firmware with that module in it, and test again and there should be no lock.

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