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You need prepare a microSD card. Create a Notepad file in the root directory of the microSD card and name it “naco_pwr.txt”. You can input “pwr_1” in the file to enable 1000 mW power mode, or you can input “pwr_2” to enable 1000 mW and 1200 mW power mode. Input one of the above-mentioned contents, save the file, and then exit.

Insert the SD card into the Goggles, power on and wait for about two seconds, and then you can see from the Goggles’ menu that the max power has already been enabled. The microSD card with the txt file only needs to be inserted into the DJI FPV Goggles once, and the txt file does not need to be saved in the card after the max power is successfully set.

If the Goggles returns to factory settings, then it will return to the normal mode, which means that “Max Power” will not be available unless re-enable.

Many tutorials on youtube, sample:

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