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How to get flight log files

This document is intended to share how to get DJI aircraft flight log files. There are two types of flight log files. The first is from the black box on the aircraft, which the aircraft creates; this is a .DAT file. The second is from the tablet, which DJI Go creates; this is a .TXT file.

Aircraft created .DAT files

  • Unordered List Itemp3/Inspire 1 Series: Enable data mode in GO options, connect USB to drone. Copy .dat files
  • Mavic/P4/Inspire2/Spark Series: Connect via DJI assistant 2 and open black box, copy the files to your computer.

DJI Go created .TXT file

  • iOS (iPhone/iPad): Connect USB to computer, open iTunes. Access the device and shows apps, scroll to bottom and then select DJI Go. On the right will show folders, copy the FlightRecords folder to your computer. This will contain the .txt files.
  • Android: Connect your Android device via USB to computer. Open a file explorer or Finder and navigate to <storage>/DJI/DjiPilot/FlightRecord and then copy the files to your computer
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