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Mavic Pro: GPS disconnected please reset and check connection && Compass error, canno't be calibrated

If you are like 99% of the users and make tons of mods on your Mavic Platform, then one day faced this error about a GPS error on DJI Assistant and DJI Go says “Compass error” and it cannot be calibrated.

You have most likely inadvertedly pulled the GPS board wires off the tabs. This is easily fixable and can save you anywhere from 30-50€

After opening the mavic top-shell, unscrew the two philips screws holding the GPS protector plate in-place. Then use a nylon chisel tip to detach the latching pins from the GPS board and pull it by the wire ( since it's already probably broken if you are reading this )

With your GPS board now facing you take a picture of the wire's color/pin ordering.

Scrape off the white goo with nylon chisel tips and remove any remaining goo with a soldering iron at 300'C. Once you have ended in with a nice clean board you should start working the wires off the pads. Add some solder to make the leadless solder easier to remove. Work on each wire one by one and after that finess the pads and work them up with more leaded solder and remove excess solder.

You should end up with something like this.

Rework the wires with your fingernails or a craftpen, they are really too thin to strip with tools. Apply a thin coat of solder to the tips to make it easier to attach them back to the pads. Then just solder wires back to pads.

Take a dry run with mavic shells open and all and attach the GPS-board just gently on top of the battery and attach the cable.

If everything works well you should now have a working GPS connection, but probably end up with a “compass calibration” since you have all that electronic shit on your table like that soldering iron you forgot to turn off. Reassemble your AC and go fly that %¤#&/%

Thanks to: Andris8888, Lolo780

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