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Tools to help automate the manual modding steps for p3 and Inspire 1

There are a few tools to help automate the p3 modding process


Version 2 of the P3/Inspire1 FW Tool.

This tool makes it easy to leverage the Python scripts other OG's have created.

Download the BAT file and the download.jar file into the same folder. Run the BAT file.

This will look for any P3/Inspire1 .BIN file in that folder. It will then extract the firmware, extract the flight controller and edit the parameters in notepad. After saving/ closing the file, it will re-compile the firmware.

P3I1 EasyMod

Easy tool to modify DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 firmware using community tools.

Download the files, the .jar and batch file. Put your firmware .bin file in the same folder. Run P3_i1_EasyMod.bat and follow the steps.

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