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This process will allow you to have 2 versions of the DJIGo4 app installed on your device at the same time. This is helpful if you want to be able to switch between a modded and unmodded app whenever you want without uninstalling/reinstalling frequently. This Howto explains specifically how to have a modded DJIGo4 app installed as well as the latest official DJIGo4 app from the Play Store with the ability to keep the official app updated.


- You must install App Cloner (Premium version needed. Only about $4)

- You need the apk of the app you want to clone. I recommend cloning the app you have modded as opposed to the official app. This way you can keep the official one updated through the Play Store since it will be installed normally.


- Uninstall any modded app you have installed.

- Install latest version of DJIGo4 from the Play Store.

- Install premium version of App Cloner.

- Transfer your modded app APK to your device and click on it to install.

- Select App Cloner for “Complete Action Using”. Do not select to use this as default.

- Follow the prompts with App Cloner until you get to the screen where you can select “Developer Options”. You can also make other changes before going into Developer Options such as changing the app name (Like DJIGoModded) and changing the icon, color etc.

- Select the option for “Google Maps API”.

- Follow the prompts to log into your google account until you get to the point to generate the API key. Then use the copy icon to copy the key and back out until you get back to the App Cloner interface and enter the key by pasting.

- Continuing following the prompts to install the app and when done you will see the custom icon on your device.

You can then run either app whenever you want. The cloned app will even show up as an option when you connect your remote.

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