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Drone News for Week of 06/17/19

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Autonomous drone gets the goods on forest fires - When a forest fire is starting, it's vitally important for firefighting crews to know exactly what it is that they're up against, so they can prepare most effectively. A new Spanish project is helping to make that happen, utilizing an autonomous intel-gathering drone.
These drone swarms are wolfpacks for killing enemy UAS - Howler drones are anti-drone suicide drones. They track enemy unmanned aerial systems with their onboard radar and then feed the targeting information to other weapons systems or just crash themselves into the threat and detonate their warhead. The $15,000-aerial vehicles are tube-launched and can fly from ships, cars, and even other aircraft.
Singapore Changi Airport shuts runway over drone sighting - Operations on one runway at the Singapore airport was shut down intermittently over 10 hours after an unauthorised drone was spotted, leading to 36 flight delays and a diversion.
Drone Response Team Investigates Elevator Explosion in Iowa - The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office in Iowa recently sent its Drone Response Team to assist with investigating an elevator explosion.
Chinese Drone Manufacturers Pose Huawei-Like Threats, Expert Says - Officials allege the Chinese government is using native drone companies to collect “an unprecedented level” of intelligence on the U.S.
University of Toronto’s Phoenix Drone Is an Open Source Dual-Rotor Tail-Sitter Platform - Engineers at the University of Toronto have designed a fully open sourced dual-rotor tail-sitter MAV using readily available electronics and 3D-printed parts. The Phoenix drone is based on the PX4 autopilot platform, PX4 middleware, and is equipped with a Pixracer flight computer, supporting both flight control and ArduPilot’s SITL simulation.
Dronejacker: ERAU professor in Daytona invents system to seize control of unmanned aircraft - An Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University professor has invented an artificial intelligence program that can hijack rogue drones, safely neutralizing any possible threat.
Walmart outpaces Amazon in drone patent race - The Arkansas-based chain has filed 97 new drone patents with the World Intellectual Property Organisation since July 2018, according to research by accounting firm BDO. In the same period, Amazon registered 54 product ideas.


Australia Drone News

DJI files more drone patents than Walmart and Amazon combined! - More interestingly though, if you look at the 2017/18 time frame, DJI filed more drone patents that Walmart and Amazon combined.
CASA to launch drone safety API - Civil Aviation Safety Authority plans to ditch its Can I Fly There? app
Aussie deputy PM announces formal review commercial and recreational drone flying - The Government has been considering noise issues since March and has now decided to look at the technology on a formal level.
Update drone regulations before businesses fly away, say industry players - Regulations on drone operations in Malaysia need to be updated to maintain the local industry's innovation, a move that some government agencies are working on, say tech bosses.
Uber Announces Flying Taxi Trial in Melbourne - Flying taxis could become a reality in Australia within four years! As per an announcement from Uber, Melbourne will be one of three cities to pilot its latest ambitious ride hailing service. Uber claims test flights will begin next year and commercial operations in 2023. Other Australian cities are expected to follow soon after.



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