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DJI GO Software Releases

This page is designed to document known good and bad things with various DJI GO software versions. Please add your comments below in the appropriate places. Also, list known compatibility or incompatibility with RC firmware versions, goggles versions, or DJI Go versions.

Here are the latest modifiable Go apps

These are not patched or modified. They are essentially “unlocked” so you can mod and patch them yourself. Go here to learn how to mod one of these apps with patches and tweaks.

Go4 4.1.14 NOSEC

Go4 4.1.15 NOSEC

Go4 4.1.22 NOSEC



  • Added support for the Phantom 4 Pro
  • Added Favorites feature to Mavic playback
  • Updated Editor with improved UI, and automatic travel diary creation


Added support for Inspire 2:

  • Added support for PIP image transmission
  • Added Spotlight Pro Mode
  • Added Master and Slave coordination and broadcast mode


  • Added Cinematic Mode for more stable video shooting


  • Improved user experience
  • Improved user interface in Editor



  • Updated No-fly Zone database.
  • Added protection for firmware update caused by incompatibility


Inspire 2(with version 1.0.240 firmware):

  • Added CSG switch in TapFly
  • Added Profile Mode in ActiveTrack
  • Added support for setting parameters in Tripod Mode
  • Optimized smart LED settings
  • Added FPV display(smartphone version)

Mavic Pro:

  • Enabled notification when installing or removing propeller cage
  • Add AFC switch


  • Added file-sharing support for WeChat
  • Added Transition feature


  • Added offline map support
  • Added Facebook Live support


Inspire 2: -Added support for RTH Remote Obstacle Avoidance . -Optimized wireless frequency settings in Japan Phantom 4 Pro: -Optimized settings menu for Draw mode. Mavic Pro: -Added notifications for propeller status. -Fixed bugs displaying incorrect warnings when battery is on overcurrent. General: -Updated oval flight restriction zones and strategy for airports in Mainland China, including both sides of airplane runway extensions.


Mavic Pro:

  • Increase max flight speed to 15m/s in ActiveTrack
  • Added precise record function of takeoff point
  • Added support for simultaneous control of aircraft by Primary and Secondary remote controllers


  • Added precise record function of takeoff point


  • Added Free Eye feature, which enables image slideshow
  • Added support for create a movie with photos
  • Updated music library


  • Added support to save video in mobile device cache when SD card is full or or unavailable


Mavic Pro

  • Added Fixed-Wing Mode.


  • Added support for tutorials.
  • Added support for importing local music.


  • Added Find My Drone.
  • Added audio recording function when caching video.
  • Added warnings for RTH altitude in the One-Tap RTH.
  • Added a function to verify your purchase when activating your aircraft.
  • Fixed bugs that occasionally set off activation warnings on screen.
  • Optimized RTH warning in Flight Restriction Zones.
  • Optimized Unlock feature for Authorization Zones.


  • Added support for the Phantom 4 Advanced.



iosP4P01.03.0509No Problems


Added support for Spark:

  • Added advanced gesture controls.
  • Added horizontal and vertical panoramas.
  • Added ShallowFocus shooting mode.
  • Added QuickShot Mode.
  • Added Coordinate Mode.

Matrice 200:

  • Added support for the Matrice 200 and AirSense.


  • Added some new filters and opening scenes.
  • Updated the music library.


  • After updating, users is required to log into their DJI account once.
  • Added a feature that allows no-fly zones to update in real time.



  • Added flight distance settings for QuickShot mode.
  • Gesture mode tutorials can now be viewed while disconnected from the aircraft and safety instructions have been added during flight.
  • Bug fixes and updated notifications

Inspire 2:

  • Added RAW mode to Playback


  • Updated the Academy user experience and added a search feature.


  • Bug fixes

Note: This version has a full compliment of patches available that includes;

  • Cache Control
  • Mavic Flight Modes on Spark
  • Enables P3 Series
  • Spark Quickshots for Mavic (various reports of this working or not)
  • Spark Wifi Channel Select
  • Force FCC
  • Offline Login
  • Remove Firmware Upgrade Check
  • Remove Google APIs
  • Remove Online Function
  • Remove Social
  • Remove Update Force



  • Added a 180°Pano shooting mode.
  • Added voice prompts for Advanced Gesture Control mode
  • Users can now set flight directions for Helix and Circle in QuickShot mode.
  • Added a new gesture for recording videos.

Phantom 4 Series:

  • Added gimbal yaw tuning

Inspire 2:

  • Added aspect ratio overlays for the camera view.


  • Added an album feature that categorizes captured photos and videos.
  • Added music favoriting.
  • Updated the music library.


  • A French lanuage setting is now available.
  • Added support for the Cendence remote controller.
  • Users can now set a cache limit automatically based on their device's available storage space.
  • Warning records are now categorized by aircraft type.

Flight Test Results


  • Release notes published are identical to 4.1.4
  • Without any advice to the contrary, it is assumed that this was a bug fix release only.

Known issues

  • Android 4.1.5 crashes repeatedly with some phone UI languages e.g. German


  • Features List Needed
  • DJI added a higher level of security (SecNeo) to prevent modding. Someone mysterious has removed the security and made the APK available on Slack which has allowed patches to be made.

Note: This version has the following patches available that includes;

  • Force FCC
  • Remove Login
  • Remove Firmware Upgrade Check
  • Remove Update Force of App
  • Remove Wind Warning
  • Removes the “Remote Controller Right Dial Locked Inspire2 only
  • Mavic Flight Modes on Spark
  • Add POI for Inspire 2

Known issues

  • It is being reported that you can not have this apk (modded or not) installed at the same time as the DJI Go3 app version higher than 3.1.10. Anything higher than v 3.1.10 will not install and if installed first, will prevent 4.1.14 from installing. However, there is no issue if you use the latest official DJI Go4 app and DJI Go3 app installed from the app store.

4.1.18 Nov 17 '17

Mavic Pro:

  • Added Pano shooting modes (with firmware v or above).


  • Improved Pano shooting and solve an issue causing app crashing during Pano stitching.
  • Added support for third-party MFI gamepads.


  • Added Auto PinPoint mode, which recognizes the best parts of shots you select and puts them into an editing project.
  • Updated the filter, music, and opening title libraries.


  • Added the Knowledge Quiz for users in the US.

4.1.20 Dec 18 '17

Mavic Pro:

  • Added an “Export” feature which allows DJI Goggles RE to view panoramas (with DJI GO 4 v4.1.20 or above and firmware v01.04.0200 or above).
  • Optimized panorama capturing.

4.1.22 Jan 02 '18


  • Optimized device connection and activation guide.
  • Added support when simultaneously downloading firmware updates for both the aircraft and remote controller.

Phantom 4 Pro:

  • Added Panorama mode (with v01.05.0300 firmware or later).


  • Added compatibility with iPhone X.

4.2.4 Jan 23 '18

Added compatibility for the DJI Mavic Air and the following features specifically for the aircraft:

  • Added APAS (Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems), which allows the Mavic Air to bypass certain obstacles automatically during flight.
  • ActiveTrack can now identify multiple subjects, improving the visual identification stability and operation efficiency.
  • Added new Boomerang and Asteroid QuickShots (with v01.00.0100 firmware).
  • Gesture mode has been upgraded to SmartCapture mode, which improves identification stability and control range (with v01.00.0100 firmware).
  • Enhanced Pano shooting with improved image stitching and effects (with v01.00.0100 firmware).
  • Photos and videos can be stored in the Mavic Air's internal storage.
  • Fixed bugs and updated certain features.

4.2.5 Jan 31 '18

  • Japanese, Korean, German, and French are now available for the Mavic Air.
  • Fixed bugs causing app crashes when using a Phantom 4 with an HDMI Output Module.
  • Enhanced user experience and fixed bugs for the Mavic Air.
  • Fixed bugs causing app crashes when audio warnings sounded while running iOS 9.x.
  • Fixed screen freezing when capturing Sphere panoramas.
  • Optimized playback and output performance for QuickShot mode.

4.2.6 Feb 11 '18

  • Japanese, Korean, German, and French are now available for the Mavic Air.
  • Fixed bugs causing app crashes when using a Phantom 4 with an HDMI Output Module.
  • Enhanced user experience and fixed bugs for the Mavic Air.
  • Fixed bugs causing app crashes when audio warnings sounded while running iOS 9.x.
  • Fixed screen freezing when capturing Sphere panoramas.
  • Optimized playback and output performance for QuickShot mode.

4.2.8 Mar 21 '18

Mavic Air:

  • Footage will now be stored on an SD card by default when a card is inserted.
  • General bug fixes and updated notifications.

Inspire 2:

  • Added Output FPV function in HDMI Video Output mode.
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