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DJI Hacking HowTo Guides

Android DJI GO Modifications

Battery Information

  • batfirmfailed: How to fix Mavics battery if it got broken due to failed firmware update


DJI Assistant

DJI Goggles

FCC Mods

  • FCC-Hack: Some config hacks to change radio transmission settings for those outside the USA
  • jkson FCC mod: For forcing Mavic Pro or P4Pv2 SDR settings such as FCC, Boost, force_2.3G or force_2.5G

Firmware Modding

  • modulemix: How to mix firmware modules and flash them
  • DUMLdore: Windows app to flash firmware to/from DJI devices
  • DroneZBreak: OSX app to flash firmware to/from DJI devices and apply tweaks.
  • DUMLrub: A ruby implementation of pyduml
  • parameterhacks: Parameter Hacks - Simple guide to changing some parameters, including recommended values.
  • parameterindex: Parameter Index - What parameters can you change? This will be a parameter dictionary.
  • modulemix: How to mix firmware modules and flash them
  • FC Patcher Tool: Its the best
  • dumlflasher: Experimental DUML client to flash dji aircraft


Inpire 1/ Phantom 3

  • modP3params: How to mod the Phantom 3 flight controller (hack the p3)
  • downgradeP3P: How to downgrade the firmware of your P3P
  • p3fwtooluse: p3 Firmware tool usage (dji_fwcon / dji_flyc_param_ed)
  • p3c: P3 Standard Parameter Version List
  • p3s: P3 Advanced Parameter Version List
  • p3x: P3 Professional Parameter Version List
  • wm610: Inspire 1 Parameter Version List

iOS DJI GO Modifications

Logs and Data Analysis

  • How to get flight log files: How to get flight log files from DJI aircraft and tablets
  • csvview: CsvView allows easy importing of .dat or .txt log files from DJI aircraft with the intent of graphing the data
  • datcon: Datcon converts .dat files from aircraft to a excel/CSV output
  • TXTlogToCSVtool: TXTlogToCSVtool converts .TXT log files from the DJI go on your tablet to a CSV output
  • DJI Flight Log Viewer: DJI Flight Log Viewer converts your TXT log file and visualizes it on a map and shows the columns in the data


Mavic 2


NFZ Mods

  • nfzbypass: Work in progress - how to bypass NFZ


  • DUMLRacer 1.1: FW Root & Rollback Exploit for up to and including v01.04.0100
  • dumlracer: race to root. Python file can be used on Mac, Nix and Windows


Technical Tools & Information

  • Firmware: Links to Github website to download the firmware of DJI aircraft and remote controller.
  • Redherring: The original redherring hack
  • Pyduml: The pyduml method bypassing DJI Assistant
  • LogJammer: An easy way to get upgrade log files from your equipment
  • dji_ftpd_aes_unscramble: Decrypting files on your aircraft for backup purposes
  • phantom-firmware-tools: Tools for Sniffing DUML
  • known-duml-commands: Known DUML commands
  • git: How to find our git repositories, and a cheat sheet on using GIT
  • getCharacteristicsInfoDictionary: FC charateristics setters, getters and accesstype
  • dumlprinter: A DJI Duml Packet Parser, prints (most) information stored witin a duml packet in an easy to read format.
  • UberSploits: DJI NFZ payload delivery client (plus root exploit
  • DontForget: Downgrade exploit, also reminding DJI about what open source really means

Tools - Setup

  • Toolchain: Install the toolchain required to apply modifications, and have fun!
  • Tools: Reverse engineering tools (Not required for most users)
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL): Install Ubuntu in Windows 10 and run the patcher in Linux.
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