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DJI Hacking HowTo Guides

Android DJI GO Modifications

  • deejayeye-modder: APK Tweaking Tools. This is the location for modding Android DJI GO.
  • stockapk: Stock apk download for Android
  • AppCloner: How to use App Cloner to have modded and unmodded Go app on same device.
  • apkdesconstruct: Taking apart the APK file manually
  • GoogleMaps: Get google maps working in the patched APK file

Battery Information

  • batfirmfailed: How to fix Mavics battery if it got broken due to failed firmware update
  • comm_sbs_bqctrl: Smart Battery System I2C/SMBus communication tool.


DJI Assistant

DJI Goggles


  • CIA Jeep Doors: CIAJeepDoors tool to remove DroneID from DJI Aircraft

FCC Mods

  • FCC-Hack: Some config hacks to change radio transmission settings for those outside the USA
  • jkson FCC mod: For forcing Mavic Pro or P4Pv2 SDR settings such as FCC, Boost, force_2.3G or force_2.5G

Firmware Modding

How TO's

  • parameterhacks: Parameter Hacks - Simple guide to changing some parameters, including recommended values. (Mavic Series, p4 series, Inspire 2, Spark)
  • modulemix: How to mix firmware modules and flash them (Mavic Series, p4 series, Inspire 2, Spark)
  • FC Patcher Tool: Modify flight controller parameters on the the LATEST DJI firmware (Mavic Series, p4 series, Inspire 2, Spark)
  • Manually Installing Custom FW from FC Patcher: Manual steps to install custom firmware after its been created from the FC Patcher tool.
  • Super-Patcher: Pre-built flight controller made with FC Patcher which unlocks altitude limits, NFZs, and other features (Mavic Pro, P4, P4P, P4A, P4Pv2, Spark and Inspire 2)

Download Firmware

  • DDD: DankDownloader Tool, use it to download any and all DJI firmware you may want


  • OG Service Comm Tool: OGs Service Tool for Dji products. The script allows to trigger a few service functions of Dji drones.
  • parameterindex: Parameter Index - What parameters can you change? This will be a parameter dictionary.
  • DUMLdore: Windows app to flash firmware to/from DJI devices
  • DroneZBreak: OSX app to flash firmware to/from DJI devices and apply tweaks. (doesnt work anymore)
  • DUMLrub: A ruby implementation of pyduml
  • dumlflasher: Experimental DUML client to flash dji aircraft
  • dji-firmware-tools: Tools for extracting, modding and re-packaging firmwares of DJI Devices


Inspire 1 / Phantom 3 Modding

  • p3i1modfw: Pre-made customized firmware for Phantom 3 series and Inspire 1
  • modP3params: How to mod the Phantom 3 flight controller manually (hack the p3)
  • p3i1tools: Tools to help automate the manual modding steps
  • downgradeP3P: How to downgrade the firmware of your P3P
  • p3fwtooluse: p3 Firmware extraction tools
  • p3stdmagic: p3 Standard Magic Mod (increases tx output, standard only)
  • p3FCCHardMod: Tools to help force FCC in the firmware

P3/I1 Flight Controller Parameter Index

  • p3c: P3 Standard Parameter Version List
  • p3s: P3 Advanced Parameter Version List
  • p3x: P3 Professional Parameter Version List
  • wm610: Inspire 1 Parameter Version List

iOS DJI GO Modifications

Logs and Data Analysis

  • InstallLogs: How to get installation log files
  • How to get flight log files: How to get flight log files from DJI aircraft and tablets
  • csvview: CsvView allows easy importing of .dat or .txt log files from DJI aircraft with the intent of graphing the data
  • datcon: Datcon converts .dat files from aircraft to a excel/CSV output
  • TXTlogToCSVtool: TXTlogToCSVtool converts .TXT log files from the DJI go on your tablet to a CSV output
  • DJI Flight Log Viewer: DJI Flight Log Viewer converts your TXT log file and visualizes it on a map and shows the columns in the data

m100 / m600 Modding


Mavic 2

Mavic Mini

DJI FPV Goggles


NFZ Mods

  • nfzbypass: Work in progress - how to bypass NFZ


  • DUMLRacer 1.1: FW Root & Rollback Exploit for up to and including v01.04.0100
  • dumlracer: race to root. Python file can be used on Mac, Nix and Windows
  • UberSploits: UberSploits is a payload delivery client for DJI's NFZ update system. DJI thought they were cute and patched the firmware update system. Effectively killing Tar and Feather, DontForget and DUMLRacer. UberSploits brings all those bugs back to life.


Technical Tools & Information

  • Firmware: Links to Github website to download the firmware of DJI aircraft and remote controller.
  • Redherring: The original redherring hack
  • Pyduml: The pyduml method bypassing DJI Assistant
  • LogJammer: An easy way to get upgrade log files from your equipment
  • dji_ftpd_aes_unscramble: Decrypting files on your aircraft for backup purposes
  • phantom-firmware-tools: Tools for Sniffing DUML
  • known-duml-commands: Known DUML commands
  • git: How to find our git repositories, and a cheat sheet on using GIT
  • getCharacteristicsInfoDictionary: FC charateristics setters, getters and accesstype
  • dumlprinter: A DJI Duml Packet Parser, prints (most) information stored witin a duml packet in an easy to read format.
  • UberSploits: DJI NFZ payload delivery client (plus root exploit
  • DontForget: Downgrade exploit, also reminding DJI about what open source really means
  • WebSocket: Details for websocket to DJI AC

Tools - Setup

  • Toolchain: Install the toolchain required to apply modifications, and have fun!
  • Tools: Reverse engineering tools (Not required for most users)
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL): Install Ubuntu in Windows 10 and run the patcher in Linux.
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